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Trees providetree removal reasons to remove tree siesta key fl cjs tree service you with shade and beautify your yard. Tree maintenanceis often necessary but sometimes, you may have to remove an entire tree. CJ’s Tree Service does both tree trimming and complete removal in Siesta Key and Longboat Key, FL. There are some signs for when it’s time to remove a tree.

Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree

  1. Signs of Disease or Decay – The presence of fungi, such as mushrooms, at the base of your tree, splits or cracks on the trunk, a peeling bark, and crown dieback are signs of decay. Additionally, if you spot woodpeckers pecking the tree and emergency holes, your tree is infested with pests and might require removal.
  1. Dead Tree – A dead tree with a dry trunk, dead branches, and no leaves cannot provide beauty or even shade. It is also dangerous as the branches can fall and cause injury.
  1. Blocking Views and Casting Unwanted Shade – Sometimes, a tree may be blocking a view. Also, even though shades are great, they may block your lawn from getting enough sunlight. During winter, shade can make your house colder and darker.
  1. Beginning to Lean – Although not all trees grow straight, sudden leaning may indicate structural issues. Leaning trees can cause personal or property damage. If pruning doesn’t help, it’s time to remove it.
  1. Root Defects – Root defects manifest in the form of heaving soil, treetop thinning, or even fungi growing at the tree’s base.
  1. Obstructing Other Projects – It’s not always possible to undertake projects such as construction where there are no trees. In such a case, you may have to remove it.
  1. Hollow Trunk – If a large part of the tree has rotted, it has internal decay which might result in a hollow trunk. The tree may fall at any time due to structural problems.
  1. Risk of Damage to Your House or Other Structures – Do you have a tree hanging over your house’s roof, other structures, or near power lines? You might have to remove it. Also, consider removal if it has an extensive root system and large branches that might cause damage to your property, even though it’s located away from the structure.

CJ’s Tree Service in Bradenton, Siesta Key, Longboat Key

Don’t wait for your tree to cause severe damage to your home, people, or vehicles. CALL OR TEXT: 520-388-0094 to talk with CJ about getting expert tree removal service. CJ works in and around Bradenton, Siesta Key and Longboat Key, Florida.