Stump Grinding – Stump Removal

Important Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps In Your Yard

Tree stumps can leave you with issues of safety, liability, and future damage to your property. They also can be unsightly and take away from your yards appearance and curb appeal. CJ’s Tree Service offers stump grinding to remove unwanted stumps. Most homeowners don’t consider tree stumps a liability, however, serious injury has occurred when you trip over or hit the stump with your lawnmower. Sometimes during yard parties when it gets dark, visitors may trip over the stump. Stumps can also generate new growth. The new growth will cause root problems that can be destructive to your yard, patio, driveway and sewer lines. No one wants a guest to be injured, or be liable because of tree stumps!

Tree Stumps Make Great Homes For Pest!

Tree stumps attracts insects and other vermin to your property. Once termites have outgrown the stump they may decide to try your home.  Although live trees can also be susceptible to disease and infestations, tree stumps are especially vulnerable. When a tree stump harbors disease, it is likely that the disease will spread to live trees. Before you know it, you have the expense of removing more trees and stumps.

CJ’s Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

The benefits of removing tree stumps far exceed the cost. Protect your home and property by calling us today and grinding them down so they are no longer a problem.