Tree Trimming

tree trimming cjs tree service bradenton flTree trimming is an important part of keeping your home’s outdoor landscape healthy and visually appealing. No one wants a yard filled with dead or dying trees! Neglecting to trim your trees on a routine basis can have a negative impact on their health and outward appearance.

In order to maintain the structural integrity of a tree, branches that are diseased, rotting, or damaged should be removed. A properly trimmed tree will help mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches. A proper tree trimming will take into consideration branch structure and weight distribution to improve the look of the tree. Trees that grow out of your control can cause damage to your house. During storms, rain and wind rub the branches against the siding and windows, which can cause damage. Long branches make a great road for insects and pests to cross into your house.

Here are some of the top reasons to have your trees trimmed, especially if you live in Florida.

Promote tree growth

Routine tree trimming keeps trees healthy by promoting new growth. Regular pruning, especially for young trees, encourages them to grow properly. Weak, diseased, and dead limbs should be removed.

Pruning also ensures that the tree is healthily dense. A tree that’s too dense can’t get the sunlight that it needs to thrive. In turn, it’s more at risk of disease or dying.

Maintain your home’s exterior beauty

Well-cared for trees make your home’s exterior more attractive. Weak and dead limbs detract from the tree’s natural beauty. Branches that are growing faster than others should also be pruned, to keep the tree looking its best.

Protect your yard and home

Diseased and dead branches pose risks not only to your yard, but your home. Proper tree trimming greatly minimizes the risk of a hazardous situation, such as a large branch falling on your roof.

Florida is known for having severe storms that bring tons of wind. Weak or diseased branches are more prone to falling off and potentially causing damage or an injury.

A healthy yard is a safe yard!

Encourage fruit production

Many Florida homeowners have lemon or orange trees. If you have fruit producing trees in your yard, pruning is a must. Limb and branch trimming removes unhealthy branches, which makes room for new branches to grow.

Routine pruning improves tree health, which has a direct impact on its ability to produce fruit.

Tree Trimming Before a Hurricane

High winds and heavy rain wreak havoc on weak and stressed trees. These trees will easily uproot and branches will snap. Are the trees on your property ready for the next storm?

On average, one to two hurricanes make landfall every year, and of those, about 40 percent hit Florida.  Avoid property damage from falling trees and flying landscape debris. There is no such thing as a hurricane-resistant landscape but with proper care and timely maintenance overseen by a certified arborist, trees can be more resistant to storm damage. The key to minimizing your risk against property damage is storm preparedness.

Call the Professional Tree Trimmers

tree trimming bradenton fl cjs tree serviceThe experts at CJ’s Tree Service can determine which branches need to be trimmed to avoid potential issues. Call CJ’s Tree Service at (520) 388-0094 to get your trees trimmed (or removed!).