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Tree Trimming

In order to maintain the structural integrity of a tree, branches that are diseased, rotting, or damaged should be removed. A properly trimmed tree will helpt mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches. A proper tree trimming will take into consideration branch structure and weight distribution to improve the look of the tree. Trees that grow out of your control can cause damage to your house. During storms, rain and wind rub the branches against the siding and windows, which can cause damage. Long branches make a great road for insects and pests to cross into your house. Call the experts at CJ’s Tree Service to determine which branches need to be trimmed to avoid these issues.

Importance of Tree Trimming Before a Hurricane

High winds and heavy rain wreak havoc on weak and stressed trees. These trees will easily uproot and branches will snap. Are the trees on your property ready for the next storm?

On average, one to two hurricanes make landfall every year, and of those, about 40 percent hit Florida.  Avoid property damage from falling trees and flying landscape debris. There is no such thing as a hurricane-resistant landscape but with proper care and timely maintenance overseen by a certified arborist, trees can be more resistant to storm damage. The key to minimizing your risk against property damage is storm preparedness.