How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

You don’t have to let the cost of tree removal intimidate you into ignoring a major problem. It’s often not as bad as you would think, and it’s a critical service if you have a sick tree that might fall onto your roof.

We can’t put exact prices in a blog post because costs vary substantially, but we’d like to give you an idea of what you can expect. Check out the most important factors that determine the cost of tree removal.

Benefits of Regular Tree Service

Many benefits come along with having trees on your property. Trees provide shade and a beautiful look to your home as well as benefit the environment and ecosystem around your property. To keep your landscape looking its best and safe from harm, keeping up with regular tree service is crucial. Let's take a closer look at some other reasons why regular tree service will be beneficial to both you and your home.

Permits & Tree Removal: What to Know

One of Florida’s most endearing qualities is its trees. They’re wonderful, aren’t they? Providing scenery, shade, and reminding us all that natural beauty is a sight to behold. However, when they begin to decay during the twilight years of their existence, they need to be removed to help prevent property damage in the event of a storm. Hiring the right experts means all the difference between a successful removal and clean-up and a half-hearted and messy one. 

Tree Maintenance Tips to Prevent Property Damage

Having a tree as part of your landscape can come with many benefits. Trees will enhance the appeal of your home, keep it cool during the summer months, provide plenty of shade, and more. Although trees come with great benefits they can, unfortunately, cause property damage if not taken care of properly. Make sure your trees and property are both protected by following these tree maintenance tips to prevent property damage. 

How Trees are Affected by the Rainy Season in Florida

If you're a Florida resident you know how tough the rainy season can be. To others, it may come as a shock that the sunshine state is one of the rainiest and wettest states in the country. The rainy season can last from June to September bringing on thunderstorms and sudden downpours. Although trees need water to thrive, excessive amounts can cause unexpected problems. Let's take a closer look at how the trees are affected by the rainy season in Florida. 

5 Advantages of Sarasota Stump Grinding

We all work hard to keep our yards and gardens looking pristine.  Not only is it important to create a space that you love spending time in, but you also want to provide beautiful curb appeal for your neighborhood and community!  Stumps and roots can seem impossible to get rid of and work around, but CJ’s Tree Service can help!  Put down the shovel and spade and let us get to work.  Read on to learn the five advantages of our stump grinding services.

Four Things to Know About Tree Removal

Much like all living things that populate the earth, trees have a life cycle that has a beginning, middle, and end. While some have a longer lifespan than the average human being, even trees eventually shuffle off the mortal coil. It’s at this point that they can become a potential safety hazard. Tree removal is an important landscaping service that can be an effective preventative measure in eliminating risks. Here are four things you should know about tree removal

Let Our Crew Help You with Your Tree Needs

There are a lot of things that can happen to the trees in your yard that might give you a huge headache. The Sarasota community has several beautiful trees and foliage, but they’re vulnerable to getting knocked around by hurricanes and thunderstorms. It’s even possible to experience trouble with termites, roots invading your pipes, and other problems.

For all these reasons and more, CJ’s Tree Service welcomes you to utilize our expert services for all of your arboreal troubles.

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